Call for applications for undergraduate scholarships to foreign students studying in Macedonian language

According to the Article 55 paragraph 1 of the Act for the Organization and Operation of the State Administration ("Official Gazette" br.58/00, 44/02, 82/08, 167/10 and 51/11), Article 49 of the Law on students  standard ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" no. 15/13, 30/13 and 120/13) and Article 1 of the Rulebook on awarding scholarship for foreign students from nationalities which are of interest to the Republic of Macedonia  ("Official Gazette" br.78/13),  the Ministry of Education and Science of The Republic of Macedonia announces this Call for Applications for students who will study at public Universities in the Republic of Macedonia, where the teaching language is Macedonian. 


The scholarships are available to outstanding students, not older than 28 years, from Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus5 scholarships for Brazil, CambodiaCameron, People’s Republic of China, Chad, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, Fiji, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, 10 scholarships for Hungary, Indonesia, Israel, India, Iraq, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar , Romania, Russian Federation,Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Slovakia, Syria, Republic of Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, UkraineUnited Arab Emirates, United States of America, Uzbekistan, Nigeria and Vietnam.


As eligible for the scholarship shall be considered candidates who:

1.    Are currently enrolled in the final 4th year of secondary education or who possesa 4-year secondary education (high school) degree; 

2.    Have a return airplane ticket from/to the applicant’s home country;

3.    Are not older than 30 years of age;

4.    Have a good knowledge of the English language.

The scholarship provides for:

·  tuition fees, in full;

·  visa and residence permit fees

·  return air fare from the applicant’s home country;

·  accommodation and food (full board) in the University dorms;

·  additional monthly allowance of 5000 MKD (approximately 120 USD);

·  Free intensive course for learning Macedonian.


All interested candidates should refer to www.stipendii.mon.gov.mk and www.mon.gov.mk for more detailed information regarding the scholarships and the process for application.


The final deadline for application is 01.08.2014.


Documents to be submitted


Candidates are required to provide certified copies from the following original documents:   


·  Application Form

·  Official high school diploma or certificate (where available);

·  Official transcripts;

·  Proof of English proficiency. All students whose first language is not English are required to provide evidence that their spoken and written command of the English language is appropriate.

·  Official document certifying the candidate has no criminal convictions and is not under criminal investigation at the moment of application. Candidates should note that with the exception to some countries, these are two separate documents;

·  Official general medical report, including medical tests for HIV and Hepatitis C;

·  An electronic copy of the Passport which must be valid for the next 5 calendar years;

·  In addition, as part of the application candidates are required to summit two letters of recommendation from two academic professors/teachers who are well acquainted with the candidate’s  academic abilities.


All submitted documents must be in English or certified translations in English.


Candidates should submit their application together with all supporting documents to the following address:


Ministry for Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia

Saints Cyril and Methodius Street, No.54

1000 Skopje 

Republic of Macedonia


All prospective candidates should note that in addition to sending the official copies of all required documents via post, they must also send scanned copies of the required documents to the following e-mail: biljana.zafirovska@mon.gov.mk .


Macedonian language course

Successful candidates will spend a semester (during the summer period) intensively studying the Macedonian language, in order to prepare themselves for a successful start of the academic year, which starts in the fall of 2014. 


Additional information


  • Applicants who have not completed their high school education by May 1, 2014 may receive a conditional offer for admission pending their high school diploma. Successful applicants must finalise their high school studies and submit their transcript and diploma no later thanAugust 1, 2014;
  • The selection process will be implemented by a five-member committee appointed by the Minister for Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • Successful applicants will sign a contract with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia. The contract will stipulate that the scholarship provides funds for the first academic year and subsequently for the rest of the two/three years of the undergraduate studies, provided that the student ends the first year of studies with satisfactory success rate;
  • Additional information regarding the Universities and the programmes available in Macedonia can be found on the websites of the Universities:



For all additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Ms.BiljanaZafirovska, phone: +389 2 3227 761 and e-mail: biljana.zafirovska@mon.gov.mk.

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Додади коментар

Can you apply to St. Cyril and Methodius University? You cancelled the scholarship without informing the selected students, it was very bad. Hope it will not happen again this time. It is also difficult getting Macedonian visa especially to students from Africa, hope you have arranged solid way of getting visa for the students.

Пратено на 5.2.14 12:21.

Прати одговор Најактивни
You can send email the Biljana and she will not reply, you call ans she will not pick up. Hope it isn't going to be like that again this time

Пратено на 5.2.14 12:22 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
This will be the first time I will be applying for this scholarship, the comments above kinda scared me and I really hope that everything will work out.

Brazilian student.

Пратено на 7.3.14 23:34.

Прати одговор Најактивни
If you want to study in UIST please apply for this call

Пратено на 18.3.14 10:33 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
This year you can apply

Пратено на 18.3.14 10:34 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
thats true i was among the people they cancelled for skopje but we have been told to apply in a differnt university this year hope we are given the chance

Пратено на 13.4.14 10:24 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
if you want to apply this is the scholarship for the language program and not for uist

Пратено на 13.4.14 10:31 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
How I am now my results?

Пратено на 14.4.14 07:35.

Прати одговор Најактивни
where i have to send all of my documents btw?i'm from Indonesia, and it's hard to get the information about this scholarships emoticon

Пратено на 26.5.14 07:12 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
Is it available to get scolarship if I finished school last year?

Пратено на 30.5.14 19:33.

Прати одговор Најактивни
Where is the results?

Пратено на 4.6.14 13:19.

Прати одговор Најактивни
Do I need to apply for undergraduate at tje faculty and then if I'm accepted ask for scholarship or we just apply for scholarship and we have direct place at faculty?

Пратено на 2.7.14 11:31.

Прати одговор Најактивни
Where are results? Is this a scam or real thing? Can't find anyone who won scholarship, google have nothing... Facebook have nothing...

Пратено на 6.8.14 09:16.

Прати одговор Најактивни
Well, I won the scholarship and some other people

Пратено на 8.10.14 14:19 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
You have been selected to study in which university???

Пратено на 8.10.14 22:48 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
You received an email or something????

Пратено на 8.10.14 22:50 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
Are there going to be scholarship this year 2015?

Пратено на 9.2.15 15:07.

Прати одговор Најактивни
can some one tell me if the is going to be any scholarship this 2015?

Пратено на 16.4.15 13:04 во одговор на .

Прати одговор Најактивни
Does this really work?

Пратено на 25.5.15 15:45.

Прати одговор Најактивни


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